Why Would You Choose the OnePlus 9R?


Just like its predecessors, the new OnePlus 9R comes with a sleek, metallic design. Like the old model, it is also devoid of many features. It has only one main camera, a standard LCD screen, and a pair of earphones. This review aims to give an idea of what you can expect if you buy this phone and what it’s like in real life. By the time you have finished reading this, you will know whether it’s worth your money or not. oneplus 9r

On the face, the oneplus 9R has a physical home key along with round icons for the dial and power button. On the back, you will see two buttons namely the power key and volume rocker. In terms of size and design, the OnePlus 9R is just like the old OnePlus 8T in the front to side design. The 9R, as well, feels a bit big and heavy, but the build quality is still solid thanks to the sturdy metal frame surrounding it.

One of the best features of the oneplus series is its user-friendly interface. Unlike most smartphone devices, the oneplus 9R runs on a smooth and pleasant software that is easy to use and navigate. The navigation keys are conveniently placed just above the screen, which makes it even more convenient to use. You can punch in your PIN number or any user id, and the phone will do the rest.

With a large battery, the oneplus 9R ensures that you always have enough juice to carry you through your day. The fact that the interface is easy to use and navigation based makes using the phone easier than ever. The phone’s large battery and dual camera setup make it ideal for anyone who needs high performance without the need for extra power.

In the event that you would like to extend your battery life, the phone has two charging ports, one on the bottom as with most smartphones, and the other being the USB Type-C port. This means that you will be able to use your phone without the need for any additional chargers, which will save you money over charging your phone over time. Oxygen OS 11 is the new Oxygen app that comes preinstalled on the one plus 9R and also provides some useful functions like gesture control, latest news, weather, and camera control.

The oneplus 9R has a great camera with a 12 gb internal storage and an Ultra Sound Engine that allows for clear sounds. It also has the Adreno Aptana system inside to allow for the smoothest of user interface experiences, including a customizable Home screen. The OxygenOS will also have support for High Definition audio and a very sleek and slim design. It is also loaded with a lot of user customizable features including Task Manager, Clock, Browser, Email client, and a lot more. The Oxygen skin will also give you the chance to unlock a total of four customizable home screen themes.

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